About Me


I see floral design as the organic synthesis of my passions: art, design, and nature.  I was formally trained in the fine arts and majored in painting at Brandeis University, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  What fascinated me in studying art was the use of color in many of the masterpieces by artists like Manet and Vermeer, or composition in Asian landscapes and Degas’ interiors.

Years later I had started to go to floral demonstrations by some of the most innovative designers from the United States, Europe, and Asia.  I saw a link between art and floral design based on artistic proportions, negative space, and texture.  Suddenly, I realized if I could sketch my design I could then arrange it in flowers.  I would “visualize” the finished arrangement, sketch it; and then that would guide me.  To this day, if I am working out a new design, often I will sketch it out first.

I follow interior design trends because there is a symbiotic relationship between the spaces we live in and how we decorate them with flowers and furnishings.  There are so many generous interior designers writing blogs today, that it is a constant source of inspiration to jump on the internet to get their perspective.  I love the energy one feels from contemporary, clean floral design which honors and elevates the individual flower, as much as more traditional mass designs which lend themselves to more traditional romantic settings.

Passionate about nature, I love noting the beautiful textures, contrast, and balance that I see when hiking with my family and dogs here in New England.  Moss, ferns, and foliage were some of my first fascinations; and I try to integrate them into many of my arrangements.  My gardens at home in Westwood Massachusetts are where my husband and I experiment with native shade plants and just recently began to establish some full sun beds.

It is a complete pleasure to be a part of someone’s special occasion, whether that is a wedding, anniversary, corporate party or Mitzvah, through floral design.  It is with great gratitude that I thank you for visiting my site and sharing my vision for beautiful and natural floral design.

With Love,

Debra Kraft